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Opportunities to get in front of the crowd 



The NorVa was recently

voted by Rolling Stone Magazine readers to be the best venue in the county to see a concert.

Located in Norfolk, Virginia.


    Hunt Club Farm

  Haunted Halloween


     Harvest Fair




We create promotions with you to highlight

your brand and products.


Concert Series


      Brand Awareness 





Hunt Club Farm's October events are legendary!

They include Virginia Beach's original Haunted Hayride! Village of the Dead! Field of screams!

And a host of events geared towards children at the Harvest Fair.

Events provide you with the vehicle to reach your customers face to face; one on one.



We will work with you to bring your sponsorship to live!

We give you an opportunity to sample and sell your product at a variety of events and promotions.



sampling and placement

Concert series at the NorVa.


Ynot Wednesdays



Build brand awareness

with events, promotions and sponsorships.

Use events to enhance

hospitality and entertainment programs

for your clients and employees.


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